Timely Rain

By GrowingDeer,

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The Proving Grounds was blessed to receive ¾“ of rain on Sunday.  The amount of rain a property receives is a huge factor in antler and fawn growth.  This is especially true for late spring and summer months.  Too much rain may cause soil nutrients to leach deep out of the reach of most forage plants.  Too little rain and plants can’t transfer available nutrients in the soil to and throughout the plant.

Unless you irrigate, when and how much it rains is an uncontrollable factor in your deer management program.  It’s one reason why deer herds should be managed below the habitat’s carrying capacity.  By holding the deer herd’s density at the maximum capacity for the habitat to produce quality browse when ample rain is occurring means the herd will be overpopulated and damage the native vegetation at some point, because a drought will occur.  It’s simply a matter of when.

Growing Deer together,