Time to Plant Food Plots and Open Scrapes! – Episode #458

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Planting food plots in GrowingDeer episode 458

It’s time to plant cool season food plots! Find out how to provide quality forage for deer while using the Buffalo System to build healthy soil! Plus, bucks will be using scrapes soon. Now is the time to open up old scrape sites.

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ground level view of worker in boots walking in food plot spreading seedfood plot tips:

The forecast for Thursday included a good chance of rain after lunch. It was a forecast for a quick food plot!





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Hunter getting his bow

Hunting Highlights:

It’s always Prime time for the GrowingDeer Team. Check out some of our favorite “right before the shot” footage!



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Spraying down with D/Code scent eliminator field spray

Tip of the Week:

We always spray our LaCrosse boots with D/Code scent eliminator field spray while checking trail cameras, to reduce human odor and not alert/educate deer.








Q & A of the Week:

Question: Will you deer hunt opening morning (Missouri’s season opens September 15th)?

Answer: We rarely hunt mornings during the early season. Oftentimes deer are feeding right before daylight and hunters will bust deer while traveling to the stand or blind. Afternoon hunts are much more effective at not alerting and educating deer during the early season.