Their Best Hunt in 32 Years – Episode #441

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Watch a Ozark Mountain turkey hunt in GrowingDeer episode 441.New Video

Grant’s long-time friend visits The Proving Grounds to chase toms. After 32 seasons of hunting together, Scott and Grant have one of their most memorable hunts when Scott tags an Ozark Mountain longbeard! Plus, we show how one of the components in Eagle Seed‘s fall blend is working great during this critical time of year for antler and fawn development – building soil and helping the deer herd.

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a soil thermometer shows soil temperatureNew blog:

Thinking about planting? It’s common for 50% or more of large, soft seeds that are planted during bad conditions to die in the ground before they germinate. Find out when planting should occur and how you can know when it’s time to put seed in the ground.



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Grant calls to locate turkeysShort VIDEO:

Locating toms can be key to putting a tag on one midday. See how we attempt to locate quiet toms.




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Using a SwiveLift to unload a heavy object

Tip of the Week:

If you need to load or unload heavy objects for upcoming habitat projects, a Viking Solutions’ SwiveLift can make it safe and easy.