The Ultimate Food Plot Transformation – Episode #341

By GrowingDeer,

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Watch how we transform our largest food plot in GrowingDeer episode 341.

New Video

This week we’ve rolled up the sleeves and gotten to work transforming our largest food plot! What was once a fragmented plot has now become an extremely huntable location. Watch to see how we strategically improve this food plot for better deer hunting this fall.

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Deer grooming one another in a clover plot

Short Clip:

Deer behavior is a fascinating thing! Watch as the Reconyx caught these does grooming one another in a clover plot!

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Native vegetation after prescribed fireNew Weekly Video Blog: Creating Native Food Plots

This is why we use prescribed fire in our timber! Watch as Matt discusses the benefits of creating a native food plot with fire.

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Adam prepares to trim a tree stand location.

Tip of the Week:

The trees are completely leafed out, that means it’s time to trim! Get into your Summit stands and prepare your shooting lanes for bow season!