The Riddler Is Down! – Episode #320

By GrowingDeer,

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Watch Seth Harker take down the Riddler buck in GrowingDeer episode #320.

Seth Harker was on a mission. His plan was to figure out a tricky old buck whose pattern was a riddle. The answer to this riddle was a cold weather pattern that narrowed Seth’s search to a patch of Eagle Seed beans.

When temps rise, try the clover! That’s what Grant did and deer weren’t the only animals he found. Watch as Grant arrows a fine winter turkey!

Pee-eww!!! There’s a skunk in the trap! We don’t actively target skunks, but skunks will demolish turkey and quail eggs. The big question: Once you’ve caught a skunk, how do you get a skunk out of the trap? It could be a stinky situation. We will show you how we do it without getting a dose of cover scent!

Baiting a dog proof trapTip of the Week:


Now is the time you can take predator pressure off poults ’n fawns.