The Recipe for Great Food Plots: Healthy Soil and Timely Rains – Episode #459

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Learn how to have great food plots in GrowingDeer episode 459

What makes a perfect time to plant cool season forages? Watch to find out the answer, plus see an update on a recently planted plot that is looking great.

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Grant Woods with a Kansas buck

Early Season Success:

Watch one of our favorite early season Kansas hunts! The stalk ended with antlers on the ground!



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Owen Zimmer using a hand spreader to plant a food plotMeet The New Intern:

We welcome Owen Zimmer, our newest intern, to the GrowingDeer Team! Learn more about Owen here.





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Morrell Target with an arrow in it

Pre-Season Shooting Tip:

Shooting dots on a target is great practice, but it’s important to practice shooting deer-like targets. Learn to focus on the lower third of the body and the vitals to prepare for your hunting season.





Slingshot is a hit list buck

Q & A of the Week:

Question: Have bucks started to shed velvet at The Proving Grounds?

Answer: Yes, they have! One of our hit lister bucks, Slingshot, has shed and looks great!