The Number One Tool For Better Hunting – Episode #324

By GrowingDeer,

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Watch GrowingDeer episode #324 to learn how we use prescribed fire.

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What’s our best tool for better hunting? Fire is probably the #1 way to make most properties more attractive to deer and turkey. Watch as we prepare to manage hundreds of acres of timber and native grass using ​prescribed fire! WARNING: This might get you so excited you’ll want to run out and drop a match – please don’t. Get some training first.

Preparation for turkey season has begun! Bow hunting for turkeys requires changing your practice techniques. We will show you how we prepare for those close range strutters.

Tip of the Week:Shed hunting

Where to find shed antlers?

Concentrate efforts on travel corridors and late season food sources.

After a fresh rain is a great time to find sheds. Antlers are shiny, leaves are dull.


Warning: This video contains information about prescribed fire which is a management tool for trained professionals using the appropriate tools for the situation.