The Last Hunt – Episode #426

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Just before season closed, Daniel harvested one more doe from The Proving Grounds. See the entire hunt along with the lessons we learned this hunting season. Plus, Daniel helps two landowners improve the habitat and hunting at their property!

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Genesis no till drill

spring field days 2018:

GrowingDeer Field Days are back!! Visit The Proving Grounds March 23rd and 24th as Grant and Daniel share habitat management and hunting techniques. It will be an informative and fun-filled weekend with lots of information, food, fun and fellowship! There will be demonstrations on food plot methods and seed blends, blind placement, soil amendments, minerals for whitetails, turkey calling tips, and more!

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Duke cage trap with opossum and raccoons

new weekly blog:

Trappers may not make much money but the benefits of trapping include removing predators and learning a lot about all critters. Find out why hunters will enjoy and benefit from trapping!




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A hunter holds a Prime bow

Short VIDEO:

We love those “Prime” times while hunting. See some of our favorites.




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Doing laundry with D Code

Tip of the Week:

A post season wash before storing your hunting clothes is a great start to next season’s scent control!