The Importance Of Scent Control

By GrowingDeer,

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There are scent control products that range from clothes to laundry detergent all the way to toothpaste and hand sanitizer. You may ask, “Are all of these products truly necessary?” That depends on your goals. Look at the video below and pay attention to this buck’s behavior.


It is clear that this buck, Déjà vu, is scent checking the twigs and stems that are close to the camera. What the video does not show is our presence at this location a mere 16 hours earlier. We visited this camera to swap out memory cards. We may have left some scent on the trail and most likely on those twigs and stems that Déjà vu is inspecting so intently. Even after 16 hours of time this buck clearly still smells and recognizes foreign odors on the trail.

Now do you think all of those scent control product are necessary? If Déjà vu can smell the twig we rubbed against while checking this camera after 16 hours has passed, I can only presume that when I am hunting or making my way to and from the tree this same scenario can happen time and time again. It is important to remember that each time you are in the woods more scent is left behind. For these reasons the best opportunity to harvest mature bucks is often the first time you hunt a stand.

Remember to be intentional and deliberate every time you enter and exit the woods!

Growing deer together,

Matt Dye