Hunting the Wind: Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Weather and Scent Control

By GrowingDeer,

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Consistent winds seem to be rare throughout much of the whitetail’s range except in the far western portion of the plains states. Since I don’t get to hunt in western Kansas, eastern Colorado, etc., frequently I try to hang stands at the highest elevation where I’m hunting. Typically, the higher the elevation relative to the surrounding landscape the more consistent the wind will be.

Another strategy I use is to watch the weather then try to hunt the best days that my schedule allows. These may be just before a front when the wind is stronger (and more consistent), mornings during cold days (I hunt low elevation during those days as cold air sinks to the lowest elevation), or when the humidity level is low. (See this video on hunting thermals.)

I try not to hunt the best areas during days when the wind speed is forecast to be slow and the humidity level will be high. Moist air carries scent further than dry air.

I use a Scent Crusher to remove odor and store my clothes and gear and then use D/Code Field Spray while heading to the stand. This system has served the GrowingDeer Team well and the wind swirls frequently at The Proving Grounds.

wind direction is a key hunting strategy

Finally, I prefer multiple stand and/or blind locations for each property. This allows the property to be hunted during most wind directions.

You might notice I didn’t focus on deer sign, etc. It’s important to be able to approach, hunt, and exit a stand or blind without alerting deer. Swirling winds make it difficult to remain on a stand or in a blind without alerting deer. This doesn’t mess up just one hunt. Deer have memory and may avoid an area where they detected danger for several days.

I use these principles whether hunting a piece of public land for the first time or where I live.

Enjoy Creation and let me know how your season goes!