The End of a Great Story for A Hit List Buck

By GrowingDeer,

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big white-tailed buck Moose standing in Eagle Seed beans in summer

Last summer (August 26th), Clay filmed this buck named “Moose” at the Crabapple food plot of Eagle Seed Forage Soybeans. This was the last encounter we had of Moose during the summer. Moose then went MIA (Missing In Action).

Then recently while working a prescribed fire the crew found the remains of this big buck. It’s normal for our team to find deer that died over the winter when we’re in the woods post-season shed hunting, scouting for turkeys, doing prescribed fire and that kind of thing. Moose is one of several bucks we have found this year.  I don’t know if more bucks died than normal or we simply found more than normal. Fortunately we have excellent numbers of older age class bucks!

In this video from the field, Daniel shares more thoughts on finding this buck.