The Benefits Of Fruit Trees

By GrowingDeer,

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A food source that many species of wildlife find very attractive is fruit! Most species of fruit are full of sugar and deer and other critters certainly have a sweet tooth! For example, ripe mullberry fruit is very sweet and usually ripens during June throughout most of the whitetail’s range.  Mullberry, like most fruit trees, does best when they receive full sun. Hence, mulllberry trees are often found on field edges or near other openings.

The Reconyx UltraFire video clip shown below was taken beneath a mulberry tree that was dropping ripe fruit. After watching this video, imagine the attractive power of having a small plot of trees that produce ripe fruit during hunting season! That’s why we created tree plots with fruit trees from the Flatwood Natives wildlife tree nursery.


Watch these Reconyx clips taken at The Proving Grounds during early June and count the number of species attracted to the fruit!

Patiently waiting until fall,

Kyle Karcher