Talking Turkey: Tips for Better Clucks, Purrs, Gobbles and More – Episode #377

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Learn how to locate and call in gobblers in GrowingDeer episode #377.

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Are you getting ready for turkey season? Time to knock the rust off! Grab your calls and follow along with champion callers, James Harrison and Steve Morgenstern, as they take us through the locating and calling techniques you need to know.

Wow! Big surprise in one of our Duke traps! We’re hustling to take out fawn nabbers before season closes.

UPDATE: Remember the big buck Peaches? Grant suspected he died from a brain abscess. The investigation is over and the evidence shows what killed him.

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South PawShort Clip:

Watch South Paw meet his match at the new Antler-X-Treme site!


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Buck with late season antlers

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Learn how stressful winter can be for deer. Find out how and why we try to help deer through this time of the year.


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A buck at a Trophy Rock Four65 station

Tip of the Week:

Deer are seeking nutrients during the current stress period. Trophy Rock Four65 is a great source of the many minerals deer need.