Surefire Scouting Strategies – Episode #355

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Watch GrowingDeer episode 355 to learn what methods of scouting we use!

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Early season hunting strategies can differ across the whitetails range. Here at The Proving Grounds we get boots on the ground to look for sign and the early season attractants. See how we use two different methods of scouting to be in the game as season opens. Watch to get your season started with success!

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Bow hunter in stand on ridge topShort Clip:

Are you looking to find that last minute hunting hot spot? Learn the top 10 factors we consider when placing stand locations.

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This camera was placed to overlook an entire food plot. It captured MRI of a buck we call Handy.

New Weekly Blog: How To Gain MRI

Deer adapt to conditions throughout the season. See how we capture MRI or Most Recent Information to stay successful throughout the fall.

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Buck at a scrapeTip of the Week:

Keep your eye out for fresh deer sign. Scrapes are beginning to open up!