Summer Heat: The Consequences of Naked Soil – Episode #447

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Learn about the Buffalo System in GrowingDeer episode 467

Whether it is wet or dry, the Buffalo System helps promote productive soil. Grant shares why keeping the soil covered has many benefits for soil health, crop growth and cost effectiveness.

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Ozark Mountain gobblerNew blog:

Do you love chasing turkeys year after year? Learn how we encourage healthy turkey numbers and the observations we’ve made about this year’s hatch.



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Swoops works a Code Blue scrapeShort VIDEO Clip Of The WEek:

Watch as Swoops works this Code Blue scrape. We’ve found both of his sheds and are eager to chase him again this fall!



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A Scent Crusher Ozone Go plugged into our work truck

Tip of the Week:

Summer can be hot and full of odors. We plug in a Scent Crusher Ozone Go at the end of the day to our work truck. The following morning, it’s odor free and ready for another hard day’s work!






Sun glowing over water in Manitoba, Canada


Pro Staffer Chase White recently went on vacation with his family to Manitoba, Canada. They had a wonderful time fishing, hunting and enjoying Creation. See more of their adventure here.





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