Sticking A Pig – Episode #278

By GrowingDeer,

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Watch a south Florida wild hog hunt in episode #278.

Picture this: It’s the sixteenth century, in the area now known as southeast United States, adventurers are hauling hogs with them as a source of food. Today, offspring from hogs those explorers let loose are running wild, breeding like crazy, and are a competitor of white-tailed deer. Every year hogs gain more territory into the whitetails’ range. This is trouble. Hogs will kill and eat fawns, destroy native vegetation and food plots, and compete for resources with deer and turkey. Watch this episode as we put a couple of G5 broadheads through some Florida bacon. We also have tips on how to see if your property has healthy deer habitat.

A large flock of turkeys.

Tip of the Week:

Scouting Gobblers

Reconyx trail cameras have a time lapse feature.

Mount your camera high on a tree and use time lapse.

You’ll capture favorite strutting locations.

Smell that? Mmm, it’s roasting turkey.