Staying Warm In A Deer Stand

By GrowingDeer,

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HotHands body warmers keep us warm

Grant attaches the HotHands body warmer in the center of his chest to keep warm on those later winter hunts.

Perched in a deer stand during the late winter months can be brutal, especially if your gear is less than equipped for the elements. Adding one small detail to your apparel can increase your comfort and your success.

During these cold winter months, it is very important to remain warm throughout your hunt. Sometimes, it seems almost impossible to stay warm and comfortable in the deer stand, but through years of perfecting our technique we’ve learned to never forget one piece of equipment. HotHands are a must for the team.  These small, inexpensive packs are worth their weight in gold!

We use HotHands for several reasons – their heated insoles keep our feet warm, the hand warmers keep our hands warm, but most importantly we use their body warmers. The body warmers are definitely our favorite! Once we’ve put on our base layers, we attach the body warmer in the center of our chest just below our heart. Next we’ll place another body warmer in the center of our lower back. With the HotHands firmly attached to our base layer, we finish dressing and head to the stand. Staying warm throughout the hunt means you can sit longer, greatly improving your rate of success.

This small detail not only helps keep us warm but more importantly allows us to wear less clothes. In years past it was difficult trying to find the happy medium between wearing enough clothes to stay warm but not too many for fear of not being able to draw your bow back effectively. HotHands has certainly solved that problem!

If you’ve always struggled to stay warm while hunting, be sure to try this technique out!

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