Small Food Plots For Big Results

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Young soybeans are one of the most attractive plants to deer. In areas with a high deer population or in small food plots it can be difficult to maintain a healthy stand of soybeans due to heavy browse pressure. This problem can be solved with trigger finger management (shooting more deer) or using a small electric fence and protecting your soybeans.

Installing an electric fence to protect a food plot

Assembling the Hot Zone fence within bow range of the Redneck Blind will create a great late season hunting spot!

Recently we assembled a Non Typical Hot Zone electric fence around one of our food plots to help protect a section of our soybeans, while also ensuring a late season hunting hot spot! Our plan is to feed the deer all summer with the soybeans outside of the fence and then drill Eagle Seed Broadside through the browsed beans in August. This will provide green forage for deer through the fall and winter. During the colder months of deer season when the deer are in search of a high energy food source we’ll open up the fence. With this process we’ll be feeding the deer year around with a very high quality food source .

Using a small electric fence like the Non Typical Hot Zone fence gives hunters the ability to protect soybeans until they’ve matured and produced pods. During the late winter there aren’t many food sources more attractive the standing soybeans!

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