Securing Your Saplings!

By GrowingDeer,

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We secure our trees tubes with zip ties

Ensure your saplings are tightly secured and enclosed, this will provide safety from bucks during this time of year.

As you put the final touches on your stand locations or tune your equipment for bow season, don’t forget to protect your investments!

Along with the opening of bow season, this time of year starts a new phenomenon in the world of whitetails. Bucks are beginning to leave more visible signs on your property. Testosterone levels in bucks are increasing and as a result rubs and scrapes are appearing.

If you have planted any tree saplings recently, I recommend you schedule a visit to these locations soon. Routine maintenance is necessary to ensure protection for these young trees. Any exposed saplings are prime targets for deer to rub. These young saplings can be severely damaged or even killed due to rubs. Aromatic trees such as fruit trees or cedars are highly sought after for bucks to rub (watch episode #277 here). This is due to the odor they produce once they are rubbed.

When you check your saplings make sure each tree sapling is staked properly and that each tree tube is securely attached, fully enclosing the sapling. This will deter any bucks using the area from rubbing and damaging your planted saplings, ensuring the longevity of your investment for years to come!

Growing deer together,

Matt Dye