Searching For Turkeys And Better Food Plots! – Episode #390

By GrowingDeer,

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A turkey hunt and food plot tips in GrowingDeer episode 390.

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Watch as Daniel hunts a quiet, late season tom! Not only is there success in the turkey woods, but find out how the Steel Buffalo (roller crimper) can help lead to food plot success!

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Grant talks to a fellow hunter.Short Clip:

See why Grant recommends land mangers use high quality food plots during the summer months instead of relying only on native browse.



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The Steel Buffalo roller crimper

New Weekly Blog:

Find out how you can replicate the natural process that helped build the soil of the great prairie to improve your food plots.



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Winchester turkey gun and Howes lubricating oil.

Tip of the Week:

Turkey guns usually see dirt, rain, and other conditions that are harmful to a gun. Cleaning your turkey gun after season is a great way to extend the gun’s life and prepare for next season.