Rolling With The Seasons: Life and Deer Hunting – Episode #457

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Life and deer hunting in GrowingDeer episode 457

Grant shares about Raleigh’s sacrificial love and gives an update about the kidney transplant. Plus, with deer season and rain on the way, find out what we are doing to be ready!

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young velvet buck in summer soil builder food plotfood plot tips:

It’s not practical to irrigate most food plots. However, it’s fairly easy to conserve soil moisture. Find out how to conserve moisture so your food plots can be productive during periods of drought!


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Grant takes aim with his Winchester

This Is Your Shot:


Buck encounters usually take a lot of work. Winchester is working to make sure we can make that moment count this fall!




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Seed depth is important when planting

Tip of the Week:

Planting small cool season seeds too deep could lead to low germination rates. Small seeds like brassicas and clover, if drilled, should be only be placed ¼”- ½” deep.







Venison taco salad

Tasty Venison!:

This tasty meal combines fresh venison with the classic taco salad!




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A buck without velvet

Q & A of the Week:

Question: When will bucks begin to shed velvet?

Answer: Once the hardening process is complete, bucks will begin shedding their velvet. We recently got a Reconyx picture of a buck without velvet!