Help Deer by Voting for Joe!

By GrowingDeer,

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When I first entered grad school trail camera surveys for deer wasn’t even a concept.  Heck, trail cameras weren’t commercially available.  I wished to estimate the number of deer where I was doing research and no one locally offered a good solution.

I had heard of a biologist in South Carolina that was doing great deer work named Joe Hamilton.  I wrote Joe a letter and asked his opinion about how to best estimate the number of deer at my research site.  He responded rapidly with a lengthy, hand-written letter that explained how to conduct a spotlight survey for deer, and included data forms, etc.  Joe had no reason to respond except to help a fledging grad student.

That’s Joe – ready to help anyone understand deer and deer hunting better.  I’m not a sentimental guy.  I rarely keep anything – especially letters.  However, I was so struck that Joe spent that much time responding to me, that I keep his letter.  I have it still today – more than 20 years later.  Since then, Joe became one of my mentors and my friends.  I’ve shared a number of fires with Joe and have learned more from him than I did in most of my college classes.  Joe has always given his time and knowledge freely.

I now have the opportunity, in a very small way, to attempt to repay Joe some of the many blessings he has given me.  Joe has been nominated for the prestigious Budweiser Conservationist of the Year Award.  The recipient of this award will receive $50,000 to use to further their work in conservation.  I believe Joe truly deserves that award.  As the founder of the Quality Deer Management Association, Joe can use those funds to continue benefiting the white-tailed deer and those of us that enjoy learning about and hunting deer.

I’m asking you to join me in voting for Joe Hamilton.  The process is easy.  I’ve already voted.  Please vote today for Joe.  Thanks in advance for your consideration!  Joe thanks for helping me 20+ years ago and for continuing to help me today.  I truly value our friendship!

Join me and vote for Joe as Budweiser’s Conservationist of the Year.  Simply provide the required information (you must be 21 to vote), click the bubble under Joe Hamilton’s photo, and then click Vote Now.

Growing Deer together,