Putting The Odds In Your Favor – Episode #370

By GrowingDeer,

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Check out late season hunting tips in GrowingDeer episode 370.

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Many hunters are like us and still have a few tags to fill. During the late season deer, especially mature does, can be very alert. Check out these tips for being successful during late season hunts!

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A mature buck during daylight.Short Clip:

What happens when you shoot a doe early during a hunt? Does that scare the bucks away? Watch this video to see what happens during one of our recent hunts.


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Early shed buck

New Weekly Blog:

Headed to the woods during the next few weeks? Remember that some bucks may have already shed their antlers. In this blog Daniel shares when and why early shedding occurs.


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A mature buck at a scrape.Tip of the Week:

Even though most does are bred by Christmas throughout the whitetails’ range bucks still frequent scrapes. Placing trail cameras on scrapes during the late season can be an excellent way to locate mature bucks.