Putting pre-rut hunting tactics into action! – Episode #415

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Watch as Pro Staffer Daniel Stefanoff self films his hunt where an incredible Oklahoma buck hits the red dirt! Grant and Daniel punch tags and have to make a tough decision from the stand. Plus, the deer were moving during Missouri’s youth season and we captured some incredible pre-rut buck behavior on video!

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Two deer decoysShort Clip:

Decoying can be a very effective hunting tactic! Grant shares his decoying techniques for getting a buck within range and broadside!



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Processing your own deer meat

new weekly blog:

Do you enjoy eating deer backstraps? Tracy shares tips for preparing and cooking this choice cut of venison!


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A Morrell Target being used for target practice.

Tip of the Week:

Practicing throughout the season helps shooters know their bow is tuned and has not been damaged during a hunt!