Pruning Fruit Trees

By GrowingDeer,

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Hi Grant,

I have been following your website for the past several months and truly enjoy receiving my latest edition from you each Monday.

I am planting a dozen or so fruit trees.  I know nothing about fruit trees other than I want to provide even more food for the deer and turkeys.  The trees I have are about 6-7′ tall and are in 3 gallons.  I am assuming they are probably 2-3 years old.  Do you have any suggestions on pruning fruit trees?

Thank you for what you are doing and may God continue to bless you richly.




Thank you for the kind words and for watching!  Different species of fruit trees require different pruning strategies.  In general, most folks don’t seem to prune enough.  However, I suggest you visit with the supplier where you purchased the fruit trees, or checkout some articles in Quality Whitetails or on the Quality Deer Management Association web site.  They have published several articles that are specific to different species of fruit trees.  Specifically I would recommend reading “A User’s Guide to Successful Apple Tree Plots.”

Growing Deer together,