Creating Super Hunting Spots

By GrowingDeer,

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I had a very enjoyable day in the field yesterday.  I helped install food plot protection fences around portions of three food plots where Eagle Seed beans have recently been planted. Installing a Gallagher fence at The Proving Grounds These are hunting plots.  They are small enough for deer to be comfortable using during daylight hours as long as hunting pressure is minimal.  Currently there are about 75 deer per square mile at The Proving Grounds, so the local herd can damage newly established soybeans crops in relatively small plots.  By protecting the soybeans until they mature or hunting season opens is like placing a candy bar in view of my children but telling them “not yet.”  When the food plot protection fence is taken down, the deer will come dine just as fast as telling my kids “Ok, you can have the candy bar now!”

I’ve placed some trail cameras near the food plot protection fences and will be posting images and video of this project throughout the summer – while waiting for September 15th – opening of bow season in MO!

Growing Deer together,