Preparing For Opening Day: Treestand Maintenance and Hunting Strategies – Episode #454

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Treestand maintenance and hunting strategies in GrowingDeer episode 454.

We share our summer checklist for treestand maintenance as preparations for opening day get underway. See how we provide water for critters during the drought. Then we share the details of our fall hunting goals to target both bucks and does!

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using NIkons to search for AcornsNew blog:

Scouting now could be the difference between punching a tag or eating tag soup. Find out how a pair of binoculars and careful planning can help your hunting this fall.




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Southpaw at a Code Blue scrape

 Favorite Scrape:

Southpaw hit this Code Blue scrape last fall. Now that he’s on the wall, we can’t wait to see who shows up this year!




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Using a Nikon rangefinder


Practice ranging and shooting different yardages (not just 20, 30 and 40 yards) to prepare for when that first deer steps out.







An easy marinade recipe for venison

Easy Recipe:

Trying to empty the freezer for this year’s harvest? Here’s a quick and easy deer steak recipe!








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Pulling up a Summit treestand

Q & A of the Week:

Question: How high do you hang your treestands?

Answer: It depends on how much cover the tree has, the terrain, and other factors. However, typically we like to hang our Summits about 20 feet high.