Preparing For Hunting Season – Episode #290

By GrowingDeer,

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Watch episode #290 to see how we prepare for hunting season.

Happening now: young soybean food plots are a great place to film early June velvet. We got the cameras out and were not disappointed. A summer project for deer season: sweet! We just created a HotZone harvest area. This hot spot is designed to bring deer into bow range this fall. We’ll show you how we did it.

Fire last season  – today’s amazing results!
Watch this episode as we return to the scene of last season’s prescribed fire. It’s amazing. The fire released a stunning amount of plant diversity providing deer and turkey a very large variety of food and bedding throughout the growing season. A key addition to nearby food plots! Fire is a big effort, that can give you a big return!

Oh no! Groundhogs are all over our soybeans! Where’s the Winchester? It’s time for some summer hunting! A doe licks a Trophy Rock.

Tip of the Week:

Hungry fawns are on the ground. Help does get all the trace minerals they need. We use all natural Trophy Rock; helping does raise healthy fawns. PS: Add a trail camera too!