Preparing For Deer Season: Tips for Scouting and Enhancing Food Plots – Episode #460

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Scouting and food plots in GrowingDeer episode 460

In preparation for deer season we share how we’re using Reconyx trail cameras to pattern deer. Plus, see how food plots can be used for better hunting and healthier deer.

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Raleigh Woods bow hunting in the afternoon

New blog:

We share our early season hunting strategies here.




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Swoops is on our hit listHIT LIST BUCK UPDATE:

We’re excited for opening day because seven-year-old Swoops is on his feet during DAYLIGHT!



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cleaning out our no-till drill

Tip of the week:

We use a shop vacuum to clean out our Genesis drill at the end of planting season so that it doesn’t attract small critters looking for food during the winter.






Acorns on the ground

Q & A of the Week:

Question: Are acorns falling at The Proving Grounds?

Answer: Acorns just began hitting the ground at our place. Oaks, particularly white oaks, that are dropping acorns can be great hunting locations.