Preparing For Deer Season: Food Plot Exclosure

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The middle of June can be a boring time of the year for hunters. Turkey season has been closed for several weeks, even months depending on your state, and deer season is months away. The bucks are growing their antlers, but they’re a couple weeks away from really showing who they are. It’s a slow time of the year for a lot of hunters, but certainly not for the GrowingDeer team!

Eagle Seed beans in Hot Zone fence

The Non-Typical Hot Zone fence is what we use to turn small food plots into dynamite hunting locations!

I’ve been sharing with you over the last couple of weeks several ways we are already preparing for deer season. Scent control, planting food plots, monitoring trail cameras, and now food plot exclosures. If you’re like me, not all your food plots are large in size. Food plots come in all sizes and shapes, but the small ones can be the most effective. Being small in size also means that the food source is more limited, making it susceptible to being over browsed and eliminating the chance of hunting over that food source during hunting season.

Grant and I found the solution to this problem a few years back when we laid our eyes on the Non-Typical Hot Zone fence. This system can protect up to a half acre food plot! It’s super easy to assemble and you can have a quick, simple, effective way to protect your crops. The Hot Zone fence uses two strands of poly-line and one strand of poly-tape, spaced apart appropriately. It looks like an average Joe, let alone a deer, can jump it but we’ve been amazed with the results! Check out episode 217 (watch here) to see an awesome evening of hunting for Grant and I over the Hot Zone fence.

There are several ways that hunters keep deer out of their food plots until the appropriate time, but few are as simple and effective as the Hot Zone fence. This simple tool and a little elbow grease can turn food plots into dynamite hunting spots in the coming months! We’ll continue to monitor our food plots as the summer progresses and share pictures of the difference between our unprotected Eagle Seed beans and the beans that are protected!

Daydreaming of whitetails,