Prep for Deer Season | Shooting and Food Plot Tips – Episode #444

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bow shooting practice, deer, plant, crimp: collage image of topics in GrowingDeer episode 444

Archery Practice, Food Plots, Hunting Strategies

Grant is preparing for the opening day of deer season! Learn how he improves his archery form during the off season. Then there’s an update on food plots and the Buffalo System with tips for crimping mature cool season crops.

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shovel of dirt reveals earthworms in soilNew blog: Why Worms Are Valuable for Food Plots

In some respects, establishing food plots using the Buffalo System means that I am a worm farmer. Find out how worms help the soil, forage, and antler growth.

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turkeys strutting in the sunShort VIDEO Clip Of The WEek:

If you’re still thinking about turkeys, then you’ll enjoy watching these toms strut their stuff!


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hotzone fence over new food plot

Tip of the Week:

Using a HotZone electric fence now is a proven technique to create a honey hole for deer season! Standing grain is a great deer attractant! Put a fence up now to protect beans in small plots or in front of your blind then allow them to make a full crop of pods.