Catching Skunks

By GrowingDeer,

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Dr. Grant,

It’s my understanding that skunks are also common predators of turkey nests.  What’s the likelihood of catching a skunk with a live trap and kibble as demonstrated on your show?  I don’t know how I’d dispatch and get it out of the trap without getting sprayed!




Skunks will enter live traps and are attracted to dog food.  I occasionally catch skunks using this method, but I don’t pick locations specifically for skunks.  If their population is high at your property, they usually leave ample sign of digging shallow holes in fields.  Place traps near skunk sign if they are the predator you are targeting.

Skunks usually spray if shot in the head.  However, they rarely spray if shot in the lungs with a solid point .22.  This is a very humane method to dispatch skunks while not getting sprayed.  Skunks usually remain very calm in traps.  In fact, nuisance trappers commonly catch skunks in live traps and move them to rural areas before dispatching them.  They simply approach the trap while talking in a soft tone to the skunks, drape a tarp over the trap, and transport them to a rural area.  The skunks have a beautiful pelt!

Growing Deer together,