Personalities, Patterns, and Planning – Episode #350

By GrowingDeer,

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Learn strategies for hunting mature bucks in GrowingDeer episode 350.

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How well do you know the bucks on your hunting grounds? Taking time to get to know their individual personalities and patterns pays huge dividends during the season! Watch to see how the GrowingDeer Team works with past and present Reconyx images to develop strategies for intercepting mature bucks this fall. Then stay tuned for tips on how to capture your hunting adventures on video!

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Raleigh tagged her first buck with a bow.Short Clip:

Are you catching the bow season fever? Check out Raleigh tag her first buck with a bow.

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We use Dead Down Wind scent control products.

New Weekly Video Blog: Scent Control Techniques

You are ready for season, is your gear? Watch to see the steps we take to control our scent in the deer woods.

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Grant practices with his bow from an elevated position.

Tip of the Week:

You’ve practiced your form all summer, now it’s time to step it up! Shoot from an elevated position.