Patterning and Hunting Southpaw – Episode #425

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We’ve chased Southpaw for years. Hours of patterning and hunting have finally paid off! Watch the entire Southpaw story unfold as Rae ends her season with a hunt she’ll never forget!

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Shed antlers

new weekly blog:

Do the bucks in your area still have their antlers? We’ve got a few bucks that are already shedding their antlers at The Proving Grounds! Find out what influences bucks to shed their antlers in this week’s blog.




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Deer skating on frozen puddle

Short VIDEO:

These deer must be training for the winter Olympics. Watch as they skate on this puddle!




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Baiting a trap with marshmallows

Tip of the Week:

During warm temperatures raccoons like sweets but during cold temperatures they seek meats.