Patterning A Mature Buck – Episode #263

By GrowingDeer,

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Seth Harker tags a hit list buck, Drifter, in episode #263.

“It’s Rambler!” Watch Seth Harker’s amazement as he sees a 150” buck called Rambler coming toward him! Seth’s chased Rambler a long time, but Rambler’s been almost impossible to pattern. A few tweaks this season put the odds in Seth’s favor when a group of does use the nearby food plot and acorn patch. Plus – the hunter becomes hunted: Watch Grant get a jump on predator season when he takes a big ol’ coyote, using a 150-grain .308 Deer Season XP. Devastation!

The 150” hit list buck, Drifter.Tip of the Week:

Do you have a big buck that’s hard to pattern? Try adding a small food plot in his range to make him more patternable.