Osceola Gobbler – Episode #277

By GrowingDeer,

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Watch Grant’s South Florida turkey hunt in GrowingDeer.tv episode #277.

Boss Osceola Down! We’ve seen Long Beard XR work to 70 yards on paper. What about 10 yards, on a real gobbler? Ouch. Watch to see a boss Osceola run to the Miss Purr-fect decoy and start strutting. You can imagine what happens!

Spring deer hunt? …Well, no, but we’ve got an awesome spring challenge for you. If you want extra power to hold fall deer then have something your neighbors do not. Spring comes a little sooner in Florida and it was a great chance for us to plant a tree plot. Sugary fruits and nuts are powerful natural attractants for deer.

Tip of the Week:

Early season Osceola turkey.

Decoy Hunting Tips

Early Season: Toms fight for dominance. Use strutting tom, with a hen or two.

Peak Breeding: Tired of fighting? A lone hen looks real good to a big ol’ tom.

Post Breeding: Tricky to hunt, try multiple hen spreads.