One of the most important things to know before climbing into the stand! – Episode #402

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Learn how to age bucks and habitat management tips in GrowingDeer episode 402.

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Aging bucks during most hunting situations can be tough! That’s why we’re starting now. As Grant goes through our Reconyx images he shares tips on how to determine a buck’s age by physical characteristics. Some of these bucks are going on our 2017 hit list! Plus, Grant shares lots of habitat management tips for hunting land.

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The path of the bow shot that harvested Tall 8, a mature buck.Short Clip:

As we prepare for deer season, we remember one of our favorite hunts from last season! It was November 4th and mature bucks were on their feet!


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Whitetail buck head up on the alert

New Weekly Blog:

Hunting the wind correctly can be a hunter’s primary strategy for successfully harvesting deer, especially mature bucks! Find out how to hunt the wind and get a leg up for hunting this fall!


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A tree stand safely secured to a tree for hunting

Tip of the Week:

Treestand safety applies to hunting, hanging and trimming stands! You should always be attached to a safety line or tied to the tree. If you are working in the tree while your buddies are on the ground, make sure they are aware and out of the way, in case something falls.