New Stand Location: Scouting, Planning, and Hanging– Episode #455

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Planning for deer season in GrowingDeer episode #455

We’re moving in on some hit list bucks! Watch as Daniel hangs a new Summit treestand and prepares for deer season. Plus, we’re scouting hard to find those prime hunting locations for when acorns hit the ground!

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Hit List Buck Highriser in RangeNew blog:

Stand location and careful hunting can be key to punching a tag. Find out how thermals and wind can affect a hunting location and what you can do to hunt your stand appropriately.



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A buck with velvet antlers

Scouting For Velvet Bucks:

One of our favorite ways to spend a summer evening: in the blind with the iSPOTTER on the Nikon spotting scope and searching for velvet antlers! See the rewards of a recent sit!



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Using a Hooyman pole saw to trim a shooting lane


A battery powered pole saw is not only quieter but leaves less scent while trimming shooting lanes.







bear in the backyard

Bear Update!!:

We recently had a black bear in the backyard! See the video here!





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Scent Crusher Ozone Go

Q & A of the Week:

Question: How do you reduce scent in your truck while you check cameras?

Answer: Vehicles can collect lots of odors that you don’t want to carry into the woods with you. Using an Ozone Go is one way we reduce odors in our truck, so we leave as little scent at camera sites as possible.