New Bucks Equals New Beginnings

By GrowingDeer,

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Each summer we all anticipate checking trail cameras to see which bucks returned and what new bucks are in the area where we hunt. This builds great anticipation leading up to season. It makes me wonder which buck I may get an opportunity to tag.

As the summer progresses bucks show more of their antler growth potential. I find it very enjoyable to watch bucks develop that I’ve known for years and am constantly looking for new bucks that may be major characters in my life long hunting story.


One of the most rewarding things a whitetail hunter can experience is tagging a buck that he’s been patterning. Being able to experience two, three, or even four years of knowing a certain buck makes finally figuring him out that much more enjoyable.

This past month, here at The Proving Grounds, the bucks have been putting on a lot of antler. We recognize some of the bucks from past years and others either changed antler configuration or shifted their range to include a portion of The Proving Grounds. There has been a new buck showing up that has caught our attention. As he continues to grow we will keep a close eye on him and he just might make his way onto our hit list.

Starting a story with a new buck is always fun and exciting. Do you have a buck that you are watching this summer?

Patiently waiting for fall,

Kyle Karcher