Using Trail Cameras: Where Are The Mature Bucks?

By GrowingDeer,

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I often share about using game cameras to find and pattern mature bucks. This usually results in questions posted on my Facebook page from frustrated hunters that have tried the same technique and failed. They state they know there are mature bucks where they hunt but seldom get pictures of them on their cameras.

There are several likely reasons this occurs. It could be as simple as they are using poorly built game cameras that make too much noise when taking a picture and/or have such a slow shutter speed that mature/alert deer have moved out of the camera’s view before it takes a picture.

I use Trophy Rocks to bring deer in front of my cameras. I use Reconyx cameras as they’ve been shown time and time again to have a faster trigger speed, if not the fastest, of any game camera on the market. They are also extremely quiet when operating. I learned years ago it was better to pay more for a good quality game camera and have one that will work properly for years versus buying a less expensive camera and having to replace it frequently and get low quality pictures and alerting mature bucks.

We apply Dead Down Wind Field Spray before going to a camera site.

I treat my boots with Dead Down Wind Field Spray before going to a camera site.

Even if your equipment is working well, there’s still another factor that impacts the success or failure of locating and patterning bucks with trail cameras. Most hunters don’t use any scent control when checking trail cameras. The same hunters wouldn’t think about hunting a stand without checking the wind and/or using some process to reduce their odor.

I prefer to wear clean boots and treat them with Dead Down Field Spray before going to a camera site. It’s easy to grab a trail camera with sweaty hands and pull the card/check the batteries. However, doing so simply leaves a substantial predator odor imprint exactly where I don’t want bucks to be alert. That’s why I use Dead Down Wind Field Wash Cloths to remove odor from my hands and the camera.

These simple steps can play a big role in finding and patterning a good buck, and ultimately lead to tagging him! Ignoring these steps can result in alerting mature bucks during the early season and sending them into nocturnal mode before the hunt begins.

Growing and hunting deer together,