Maximize Your Food Plots! – Episode #393

By GrowingDeer,

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Learn how to maximize your food plots in GrowingDeer episode 393.

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See how we maximize one of our most valuable resources for deer hunting: food plot acreage! Plus, an update with observations and analysis of the progress of recently planted fields.

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Planting a soybean field with the Genesis no-till drill and Goliath crimperShort Clip:

See how the Goliath crimper and the Genesis drill work together to plant an entire field in this short time-lapse video clip!


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Hot Zone Fence

New Weekly Blog:

If you wish to save quality forage for early deer season or allow beans to mature to hunt over standing grain this winter, the preparation starts now! Click here to read this “step by step” guide on how to get started.



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Two bucks at a Trophy Rock

Tip of the Week:

Keep up with the antler development by placing your trail cameras out during summer! Trophy Rocks are a great way to get bucks in front of trail cameras!