Managing Food Plots for Hunting Season

By Grant Woods,

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I enjoyed a great tour of The Proving Grounds Sunday afternoon with my friend, Robin Fisher.  It has been two weeks since the three Gallagher food plot protection systems have been installed.  There is already an amazing difference in the height and density of Eagle Seed beans inside compared to outside the fencing systems in the two smaller plots.  In fact, Robin and I immediately began strategizing about stand/blind locations to capitalize on the forage that I can make available when hunting conditions are right this fall.  This will be a very interesting project to monitor throughout the summer and will certainly be a great stop during our fall field day (date to be announced).

Field days at The Proving Grounds are simply a day for serious hunters and land managers to get together and learn from each other.  We’ll tour The Proving Grounds and discuss all of our habitat and hunting strategies.  I enjoy sharing and learning with other folks and such tours are a great way to see, touch, and experience our successes and failures.

Growing Deer together,