Late Season Hunting – Episode #317

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Watch GrowingDeer episode #317 to see us bring home the venison!

Late Season Hunting: Did you know temperatures can tell you where to hunt deer? Watch this episode as Grant uses temperature (and a bow) to bring home venison!

Then Ryan Arnevik and Rory Heims share their Iowa gun opener hunt. Rory has some unusual shot opportunities and makes the most of each one.

Clover Mountain Venison Sausage: We’re making homemade venison sausage! We’ve got some easy tips and tools, so you can do the same!

Foggy morning at The Proving GroundsTip of the Week:

Each week I usually offer a tip, this week I’ll offer a tip that is the most important I’ll ever share. I hope you will literally slow down and take time to enjoy creation this Christmas but most importantly, take time to celebrate the real reason for Christmas.