Kansas Buck And Doe Combo! – Episode #414

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Guess who is tagged out in Kansas? Lindsey Martin, that’s who! She and Heath recently laid down over 400 lbs of deer when hunting a cold front in Kansas. Watch their hunts plus see three generations of Woods try to fill the freezer at The Proving Grounds!

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Rylan White with his first buck everShort Clip:

Last year Rylan White tagged his first buck ever during Missouri’s youth season! You can watch his hunt here!



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Rae Woods with her Caldwell practice targetnew weekly blog:

Taking a youth hunting is a great way to pass along the tradition of hunting! Find out how to make a youth hunt enjoyable and “successful”!





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Blood splatter on a leaf

Tip of the Week:

When blood trailing, look for the direction that the blood splatters. The splatters indicate the direction the deer was headed.