Kansas 10 Point! – Episode #266

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Aaron Morgan tags a Kansas 10 point buck in GrowingDeer.tv episode #266.

Last Chance Buck

Watch this episode to see how it all comes down to the last afternoon for Pro Staffer Aaron Morgan. He’s hunted all season in Kansas, but so far, no chance at a mature buck. Now it’s the last afternoon before Aaron has to return to work and he has a plan.

Checking the Traps

Grant and the boys put out the first traps of the season. Watch to see what they caught! Plus, Grant shares some how to tips with a Duke DP Coon Trap.

Remove predators to have more deer and turkeys on your property.

Tip of the Week:

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Get a couple easy-to-use Duke traps and start removing
predators from your hunting grounds.
Warning: You might need more food plots.