Just for Whitetails: Save Those Food Plots! – Episode #397

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Protecting food plots for deer in GrowingDeer episode 397.

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We’re hunting! A notorious soybean predator is causing crop damage to a food plot. It’s a great challenge in more ways than one! Plus, see how the Hot Zone fence is keeping deer out of our precious crop and saving those soybeans for a late season hunt.

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A gobbler strutting in JuneShort Clip:

Spring flooding at The Proving Grounds most likely wiped out many turkey nests. As a result, we are seeing an extended breeding season. Check out these June struts and gobbles!


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Bucks and does

New Weekly Blog:

Do you know your deer herd’s adult sex ratio? Knowing how many bucks there are for every doe can be an important management tool. Find out how deer sex ratios affect the rut, herd health and hunting!

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Summit Treestands safety harness

Tip of the Week:

Many hunters will be hanging stands and trimming lanes soon. Before you head into the woods, make sure all the buckles work and the straps are in good condition. And never leave the ground without your safety harness on and attached to the tree.