Increasing Food Plot Productivity: Upgrading the Buffalo System – Episode #446

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new food plot techniques and fawn

New Food Plot Techniques

We are continually learning about and tweaking the Buffalo System. Check out these improvements that increase forage productivity! We also share how Grant planted Tracy’s garden in a food plot, all while building soil and keeping it and crops protected.

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hot zone electric fence controls with Grant WoodsNew blog:

The Hot Zone allows hunters anywhere to have the fun and success common to those hunting in ag production by protecting soybeans even in a small plot. Read here for tips on designing and maintaining a Hot Zone fence!





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soybeans in no-till drill hopperShort VIDEO Clip Of The WEek:

Do you inoculate soybeans? Find out why inoculation is an inexpensive yet key step to planting forage soybeans!



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cleaning turkey gun with howes lubricator

Tip of the Week:

Cleaning your turkey gun after season helps protect the gun during storage. Most importantly, it keeps it ready for the next opening day!







fawn in food plot


We recently spotted this fawn in a food plot! We left it undisturbed, knowing momma would be back. Does will often leave fawns in areas that they feel are safe from predators and will return.




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