Improving Hunting and Habitat: Past, Present, and Future – Episode #452

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Improving habitat and hunting opportunities in GrowingDeer episode 452

Road trip! Grant and the team return to an ongoing habitat improvement project in central Missouri. Through the years, we’ve shared many projects from this farm. See how the habitat and hunting has improved and find out what the next steps are to create great hunting for this landowner and his family. Plus, we share why we are seeing an increased number of spike bucks.

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Mature Buck with Velvet antlersNew blog:

Early season is a great time to chase a hit list buck. Bucks are still on their summer pattern: food to cover, cover to food, and back again. Learn how to close in on an early season buck!



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A father and son go deer hunting togetherPre Season Thoughts:

As you prepare for deer season, be sure to include your kids! Share your passion and teach the next generation of deer hunters.



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Hunter’s Blend coffee in a coffee cup

Get It While It’s Hot!:

Hot or cold? Either way you drink it, here’s a special discount just for you! Hunter’s Blend Coffee now has a GrowingDeer discount available on their website! Simply use the promo code GDTV1.




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a hunter uses an extendable saw to trim growth from around a tree stand

Timely Tip:

An extendable saw is great for trimming new growth around a treestand and lanes. Start trimming now and be prepared for the first sit!







A buck in front of a Redneck Blind during daylight

Q & A of the WEEK:

Question: Will the bucks I’m seeing now still be on my property during hunting season?

Answer: Bucks often shift within their home range as summer turns to fall. This may mean that they do not frequent an area as much during the fall as they did during the summer months. This can be influenced by, but not limited to, dominance/subordination, food sources, and individual buck characteristics.