Important Considerations When Buying A Hunting Property: Texas Example

By GrowingDeer,

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A viewer recently asked me about a property he was considering purchasing to follow his dream of owning a hunting property.  It’s always fun looking for a property.  This guy was wise and already knew to consider access, distance to shopping, healthcare, etc.

I always start evaluating a property for wildlife management and hunting by considering the existing sources of food, cover, and water on the property and within about a mile in each direction.

texas pasture with pond

I noticed ponds on this property so water isn’t an issue. It appears the remainder of the property is pasture with a few trees.  For wildlife it would be best to convert a portion of the pasture to produce food (deer don’t consume grass) and cover.

I prefer to have the best source of at least one of food, cover, or water in the neighborhood.  The resource which is the most limited often varies by season.  Given the amount of acreage on this Texas property, it would be wise to consider which resource or resources to manage based on availability during the period when it is primarily to be hunted.

Another consideration when purchasing a property for wildlife management and hunting is the neighbors.  It’s very important to understand the neighbors’ hunting and wildlife management goals and objectives. If they are vastly different, there will most likely be issues and/or tough compromises during future ownership of the property.  Not understanding the wildlife management and hunting practices of neighbors before purchasing a recreational property is one of the most common mistakes I encounter when assisting folks that recently purchased a property.

Enjoy creation and may God bless you with wisdom when you decide to purchase a property,