Hunting with colder weather and limited food – Episode #424

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It’s been cold throughout much of the whitetails’ range this past week! Watch as Daniel travels home to northern Missouri for a late season hunt. His hunting strategies change as he observes deer movement and encounters multiple bucks. Plus, see how planning for deer season early can pay off during the late season!

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Ground venison tacos

new weekly blog:

We have a new venison recipe to share! It’s taco night! See how to use ground venison for taco meat.





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A buck walking through the forest

Short VIDEO:

Love hearing the crunch of leaves and a nearby grunt? You will love this clip!




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Shed antler hidden under grass

Tip of the Week:

While shed hunting this winter, keep an eye out for old sheds that may have been covered by grass, limbs, or leaves during the past year.